We deal with everything related to audio, video, live broadcasting and any reports about sports events. We offer a full-service streamed live audio commentary of
football matches in numerous languages, being provided by
professional narrators or journalists.
We are an international and editorial sports agency with strong technological know-how, specialized in production, video streaming and LIVE audio reporting of major sports events. We have a motivated international team - commentators, reporters, editors, translators and also an IT team.

We deliver sports commentaries to betting companies and live score sport results companies. We create dedicated fan radios for football and sports clubs. We can also provide voice-over for e-games, create or edit contents around your platforms, including writing articles.
We deliver around 1,000 independent LIVE audio reports monthly from our studio in Prague by focusing primarily on football in different languages. In our team we have professional commentators working for their respective national TV channels and we also have our own academy.

Our betting company's service, which includes the commentators integration into the bookmaker platform, represents about 50% of our business.

We started commenting in 2011 on bet365 platforms in Czech and Slovak and the number of these comments is increasing every year, including other languages.
In our portfolio we currently have two major bookmakers for whom we supply LIVE audio streaming mainly in the Champions League, Europa League, Fortuna League, English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and other competitions and sports.

Audio comments are perceived by bookmakers as an alternative to live video streams or a graphic trackers. It is a product that gives a сlear idea of what is happening on the field. It is extremely practical on mobile devices. If the bettor does not want or does not have the opportunity to watch TV or live streams with a time delay, then we step on.

Fan radio for sports clubs is an added value for their fan base. Instead of choosing a paid thematic TV channel, fans can enjoy a heartfelt match commentary made directly from the venue (home or away). Broadcasts always contain technical support, technical protection and also match infographics.