We supply live sports matches via the Internet in HD video quality, which can be accessed from any device.
We have experience mainly with annotated video streaming from professional football training camps. After the season 2019/20 we also started making reports from the home stadium of Kanonýry Kladno floorball club.

We see great potential in live video streaming for mainly lesser-known sports and lower football and hockey leagues. We devote all our efforts to the development and standardization of processes. Thanks to special know-how, which can be used on both audio and video platforms, we are able to bring you closer to what is happening on the field.

It is fully compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and MacOS browsers without having to install additional plugins. We use sub-second streaming technology with ultra low latency where the delay is around one second on all platforms. All our streams are fully secured with HTTPS and also fully support the IPv6 infrastructure.
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