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We are looking for cooperation in the Russian speaking market

Last year we signed a contract with the international company, which in Russia is known primarily by the names Myscore and Flashscore.

To do this, it was necessary to urgently find a team of Russian-speaking commentators. It was hard. First, we looked for such people in Prague, then we began to look for real commentators or journalists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and at the end we assembled an excellent team that worked with high quality throughout the year.

This is how Dmitry Gerchikov, a Belarusian professional commentator, comments.

And here is how Evgeny Markov, a Russian sports journalist, comments.

GBV commented for all the matches of the English Premier League, Russian Premier League + all European Cup matches with post-soviet teams + selected top games with FC Barcelona, ​​FC Real Madrid, FC Juventus and others.

Our commentators comment in two ways: either from our cozy studio in Prague, or remotely from home or any place where it is quiet and there is a fast Internet connection.

We are looking for expansion to the East and we are glad to cooperate with any betting company, football club or sports media. Write to us if you are interested.